Why West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing will change your life. WCS (for short) is fundamentally a social dance and that is what makes it so amazing! You can dance this dance to many different styles / genres of music which makes it fun and adaptable. The social nature of the dance brings people together, it’s fun for the whole family! That┬ámakes WCS a great element to add into the social circles you already play in.

West Coast Swing also comes with a fierce competitive scene. On the competitive circuit there are a few different types of competitions. On the one hand you have Jack and Jill’s and Strictly Swing competitions which highlight the improvisation element of the dance. On the other hand you have some amazing routine divisions that are choreograph based divisions.

No matter what kind of dancer you are, whether you have experience or a partner, there is a place for you in WCS.

Dance with us and we will help you fall in love and change your life forever, you won’t even remember what you did before you started dancing!