January 27th Beginner Bootcamp

We are hosting a beginner bootcamp this Saturday and I wanted to make sure that info was up here on the site.

I am including details for our other upcoming classes as well which I will try to make a post about later again as well.

Swing City Chicago 2017

This event is by far our favorite event of the year! We both feel very comfortable in the midwest scene, everyone is so friendly, making you feel at home even if you come from far.

As far as a halloween party goes, why not party it up the whole weekend with all of your favorite dance peeps? From the decorations, to the scary strictly, to the giant costume contest (all of which get better every year)! They also have a trick or treat hour for the kids and this year they had a special workshop specifically designed to apply science lessons through dance (thanks to my friend Heather Fronczak). If that doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will.

Speaking of costume contests.. look at ours from this year! I was Ariel, Christopher was Prince Eric, my mom and brother were Ursula and King Triton!!

Our friends, Dorothy and Scarecrow !

We got the chance to do another Strictly together!! I love dancing strictly with babe! Now just waiting for that routine to get started.. I need something to put the fire under my boots and nothing does that quite like choreography!!


Here are my two favorite dances from our strictly!


Here are my two favorite Jack & Jill dances!

Atlanta Swing Classic 2017

I like sharing these event recaps a few weeks after the event because I like to analyze my experiences for a while before I share. However, thinking I should start typing them up shortly after the event and then reviewing what I wrote before publishing. I think it will give you readers a better feel to have fresher views as well as an analyzed perspective.

Atlanta Swing Classic is in our top 3 events of the year. The event is a big one,  people come from all over to attend. Sometimes, with big events you can lose that at home charm – this event is quite the opposite. If southern charm is a real thing, you can feel it 100% at this event. The ballroom is spacious and packed yet very inviting. The event directors are always on the front lines and very accessible which I also love!

I love sharing my event experiences in  an effort to inspire others to attend one of these magical events. If there is any event you should attend it’s this one! Also, it’s not too far from NC so why not?

I generally don’t plan on dancing in Strictly Swing divisions just because I have to really decide where I want to spend my energy at events. Especially when I am running a Sway’d booth. However, it is a lot of fun to know who you are dancing with and competing with a friend. This year at ASC one of my really good friends and someone I have danced with from the beginning of my dance journey asked me at the last minute to do a strictly so of course I said yes! I love that he thought of me because he has been one of my biggest advocates and I had so much fun! Here is a video of one of our dances!

Christopher also did a Strictly with Jade Ruiz and got 3rd place!  Maybe one day he will share his dances with you… feel free to subscribe to both of our personal youtube channels and soon we will start doing more with the chrisandariellaswing youtube channel.

Here is one of my Jack and Jill dances. Remember all of these competitions are improv / social dances. You do not know what song is going to be played and in the case of Jack and Jills you do not know who you will draw.  I love this song btw..!

Again… I have nothing to share of Christopher’s dances because he has yet to upload them to youtube… subscribe to his youtube channel to stay up to date on the dances he does share!


On Sunday at ASC we competed in Swing 16!!! I am super excited to share more about this fun competition. Christopher and myself both made finals which is super awesome! In Swing 16 prelims you draw a partner and then stick with that partner throughout the 3 or 4 songs.. unfortunately I don’t have any of our prelim dances recorded since we were both on the floor. I drew my friend Chris Vartuli. I will share some pictures taken of us instead.

Once you make it to the finals you compete next to one other couple dance battle style! I believe they play the same song for the entire round and only change the music at the beginning of each round. Luckily someone was able to record our finals dances.

I got to dance with a new friend Ariel Schwartz I met once we got paired up in my finals dances.

This video of Christopher and Brooklyn is where they competed for second place!

We got to see a bunch of friends, dance, work and play in Atlanta!! Hopefully you can join us next year!


Stay tuned for our Swing City Chicago post!!

Trilogy Swing Highlights

Hello again! If you are reading this leave us a comment to show your support!

I only competed in Jack and Jill at Trilogy, I was sick before the weekend even started so I was trying to take it easy.

My favorite dance from Advance Jack and Jill!  Freaking loved this dance! I’ve since heard enough of this song, but so glad to have drawn Jeremy Govert! I love our musicality and the connection we had together to be able to dance this song so fluidly.

Christopher had a really big weekend at Trilogy competing in Strictly Swing with Lia Brown and Finals in All Star Jack and Jill with Whitney Bartlett.

Here is Christopher and Lia’s first place Strictly.

Christopher and Whitney’s Third place Jack and Jill.

Trilogy at this point is a hometown event for both of us. We knew a lot of people and we got to meet and make new friends!

My favorite part is always getting to hang out with my out of town friends! It means a lot to me when people take time and give it to me. So if you don’t know me but want to… lol take time out of your day to check on me or say hello and it will mean a lot to me!

At dinner with friends Kayla and Jesse after the event!

Hey NC, since you saw us at Trilogy, now you know who we are! Hit us up for private lessons or to teach in your area! We love getting to meet and help new people grow in their dance!!  October only, we are doing discounts on your first lesson!

Sincerely, Ariella – the one who writes the blog!

Summer Hummer 2017

It has been a few weeks since Summer Hummer before I have gotten the chance to write about our weekend.  The first thing i have to say is man… I can not handle a 13 hour trip one way. Sorry, not sorry. I think 9 hours is my MAX. So, we split the drive into two days and did about half each day. Stopping in MD where my (Ariella) mom lives which is a 6 hour drive from Charlotte and then on to Framingham, another 7 hours. After the first day, I was done. I had enough driving. By the time we got to the event I needed about a day’s sleep just to get over that drive.

Once we got to the event, I started my weekend off with a really interesting music workshop. The workshop was led by a musician, so he was giving his idea of swing music from a musician’s perspective. The class was very interesting and really clarified a lot of my ideas and issues with the music played today during a lot of competitions.

All of my competitions were on Friday… I guess that was good because then I was done for the weekend, but it also meant competing really late at night so not sure how I feel about it.

Most exciting competition of the weekend for me was definitely competing with Christopher in a Strictly Swing competition. Coming from a solo dance background drawing a random person in your typical Jack and Jill style competition is way outside of my comfort zone. I love knowing what to expect and feeling comfortable with my partner, I find it very difficult to dance at my full potential with a stranger, so this was very exciting for me.  I wish that we would have been more prepared but hopefully as we continue on our journey we will find our expectations of each other in our partnership.

Jack and Jill’s were after this, but I am having trouble getting the videos… If I am able to add them later I will do so.

The biggest highlight of this weekend however, was getting to see my little brother perform his first WCS routine with Lemery Rollins!!! He performed it for his 14th birthday which we celebrated by the pool, including cake!

Pool Party


Family Time – Mom & Brother Avi
Friend and Rommie Kayla


Friend and Roomie Hailee
Fun time / Work time

After this event we had to make it back the same way we came, driving. So, we drove back halfway to MD where we got to stay before Christopher had to leave to go back to Charlotte and I got to stay for a little bit before I needed to get back.

All in all I think we had a good weekend together and with Leyna our pup, even though the drive was long. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the 3 of us at the event!! Oh man.. Oh well in my next post about Trilogy Swing I do have a picture of the 3 of us!

Thanks for following my blog and stay tuned for another post coming soon about our weekend at t\Trilogy Swing and and an update on my new teaching job!

Tampa Bay Classic 2017

For those of you who know us / our story, you know that I am from Florida and that Christopher and I started our journey together after hanging out with friends in FL. So, we love FL and try and go there every chance we get! While I may be biased, this event is a must hit! The hotel changed this year and is in a really great location downtown on the water! I hope to see this event grow in the new hotel because it is a great event and there’s nothing like Florida!

Our weekend was mostly work related, selling dance shoes, but we always try to have fun hanging out at our booth.

I got to compete in a Strictly Swing contest with my friend Joe and we won first place!

In a strictly swing contest you choose your partner ahead of time but the song is random and the dance is improvised.

Christopher competed in the All-Star Jack & Jill and had a lot of fun! A Jack and Jill is where you line up to draw three random partners to three songs you do not know ahead of time. This was his favorite dance in prelims!

After the event on Monday we got to hang out and go to the beach. On Tuesday we saw family and then went to Hugo & Stacy’s dance which was epic! Throwback night sounded like it would not be cool but it was so cool and so much fun!!!

Thanks for reading and watching! Hopefully we will see you soon at an event sometime soon!

Grand Nationals 2017

Grand Nationals Dance Championships is one of our favorite events of the year! This event is a mixed event with Carolina Shag competitions. Being that we now live in the Carolinas this event felt even more nostalgic. We hope that you will one day join us at events, but until then we will continue to update you on our progress and experiences. This was my (Ariella) first time competing in Advance Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill’s are social, improv style competitions where you draw three partners at random in the preliminary round, where you get to dance to three different songs that you do NOT know ahead of time. If you make it to finals, the only difference is you keep one partner for all three songs.

Here is one of my dances from prelims.


Christopher got to dance in finals in the open strictly swing competition, which has been a huge goal for him to dance in finals at Grand Nationals! Christopher competes at the All-Star level in Jack and Jill competitions. The video below is a competition that is open to all levels, this competition is a strictly competition which differs from a Jack and Jill because the partners enter the competition together. Therefore, they know who they will be dancing with ahead of time.

We hope you continue to follow our progress and that our dance journey inspires you on your own dance journey! See you on the dance floor!


Why West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing will change your life. WCS (for short) is fundamentally a social dance and that is what makes it so amazing! You can dance this dance to many different styles / genres of music which makes it fun and adaptable. The social nature of the dance brings people together, it’s fun for the whole family! That makes WCS a great element to add into the social circles you already play in.

West Coast Swing also comes with a fierce competitive scene. On the competitive circuit there are a few different types of competitions. On the one hand you have Jack and Jill’s and Strictly Swing competitions which highlight the improvisation element of the dance. On the other hand you have some amazing routine divisions that are choreograph based divisions.

No matter what kind of dancer you are, whether you have experience or a partner, there is a place for you in WCS.

Dance with us and we will help you fall in love and change your life forever, you won’t even remember what you did before you started dancing!