Atlanta Swing Classic 2017

I like sharing these event recaps a few weeks after the event because I like to analyze my experiences for a while before I share. However, thinking I should start typing them up shortly after the event and then reviewing what I wrote before publishing. I think it will give you readers a better feel to have fresher views as well as an analyzed perspective.

Atlanta Swing Classic is in our top 3 events of the year. The event is a big one,  people come from all over to attend. Sometimes, with big events you can lose that at home charm – this event is quite the opposite. If southern charm is a real thing, you can feel it 100% at this event. The ballroom is spacious and packed yet very inviting. The event directors are always on the front lines and very accessible which I also love!

I love sharing my event experiences in  an effort to inspire others to attend one of these magical events. If there is any event you should attend it’s this one! Also, it’s not too far from NC so why not?

I generally don’t plan on dancing in Strictly Swing divisions just because I have to really decide where I want to spend my energy at events. Especially when I am running a Sway’d booth. However, it is a lot of fun to know who you are dancing with and competing with a friend. This year at ASC one of my really good friends and someone I have danced with from the beginning of my dance journey asked me at the last minute to do a strictly so of course I said yes! I love that he thought of me because he has been one of my biggest advocates and I had so much fun! Here is a video of one of our dances!

Christopher also did a Strictly with Jade Ruiz and got 3rd place!  Maybe one day he will share his dances with you… feel free to subscribe to both of our personal youtube channels and soon we will start doing more with the chrisandariellaswing youtube channel.

Here is one of my Jack and Jill dances. Remember all of these competitions are improv / social dances. You do not know what song is going to be played and in the case of Jack and Jills you do not know who you will draw.  I love this song btw..!

Again… I have nothing to share of Christopher’s dances because he has yet to upload them to youtube… subscribe to his youtube channel to stay up to date on the dances he does share!

On Sunday at ASC we competed in Swing 16!!! I am super excited to share more about this fun competition. Christopher and myself both made finals which is super awesome! In Swing 16 prelims you draw a partner and then stick with that partner throughout the 3 or 4 songs.. unfortunately I don’t have any of our prelim dances recorded since we were both on the floor. I drew my friend Chris Vartuli. I will share some pictures taken of us instead.

Once you make it to the finals you compete next to one other couple dance battle style! I believe they play the same song for the entire round and only change the music at the beginning of each round. Luckily someone was able to record our finals dances.

I got to dance with a new friend Ariel Schwartz I met once we got paired up in my finals dances.

This video of Christopher and Brooklyn is where they competed for second place!

We got to see a bunch of friends, dance, work and play in Atlanta!! Hopefully you can join us next year!


Stay tuned for our Swing City Chicago post!!

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