Trilogy Swing Highlights

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I only competed in Jack and Jill at Trilogy, I was sick before the weekend even started so I was trying to take it easy.

My favorite dance from Advance Jack and Jill!  Freaking loved this dance! I’ve since heard enough of this song, but so glad to have drawn Jeremy Govert! I love our musicality and the connection we had together to be able to dance this song so fluidly.

Christopher had a really big weekend at Trilogy competing in Strictly Swing with Lia Brown and Finals in All Star Jack and Jill with Whitney Bartlett.

Here is Christopher and Lia’s first place Strictly.

Christopher and Whitney’s Third place Jack and Jill.

Trilogy at this point is a hometown event for both of us. We knew a lot of people and we got to meet and make new friends!

My favorite part is always getting to hang out with my out of town friends! It means a lot to me when people take time and give it to me. So if you don’t know me but want to… lol take time out of your day to check on me or say hello and it will mean a lot to me!

At dinner with friends Kayla and Jesse after the event!

Hey NC, since you saw us at Trilogy, now you know who we are! Hit us up for private lessons or to teach in your area! We love getting to meet and help new people grow in their dance!!  October only, we are doing discounts on your first lesson!

Sincerely, Ariella – the one who writes the blog!

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