Summer Hummer 2017

It has been a few weeks since Summer Hummer before I have gotten the chance to write about our weekend.  The first thing i have to say is man… I can not handle a 13 hour trip one way. Sorry, not sorry. I think 9 hours is my MAX. So, we split the drive into two days and did about half each day. Stopping in MD where my (Ariella) mom lives which is a 6 hour drive from Charlotte and then on to Framingham, another 7 hours. After the first day, I was done. I had enough driving. By the time we got to the event I needed about a day’s sleep just to get over that drive.

Once we got to the event, I started my weekend off with a really interesting music workshop. The workshop was led by a musician, so he was giving his idea of swing music from a musician’s perspective. The class was very interesting and really clarified a lot of my ideas and issues with the music played today during a lot of competitions.

All of my competitions were on Friday… I guess that was good because then I was done for the weekend, but it also meant competing really late at night so not sure how I feel about it.

Most exciting competition of the weekend for me was definitely competing with Christopher in a Strictly Swing competition. Coming from a solo dance background drawing a random person in your typical Jack and Jill style competition is way outside of my comfort zone. I love knowing what to expect and feeling comfortable with my partner, I find it very difficult to dance at my full potential with a stranger, so this was very exciting for me.  I wish that we would have been more prepared but hopefully as we continue on our journey we will find our expectations of each other in our partnership.

Jack and Jill’s were after this, but I am having trouble getting the videos… If I am able to add them later I will do so.

The biggest highlight of this weekend however, was getting to see my little brother perform his first WCS routine with Lemery Rollins!!! He performed it for his 14th birthday which we celebrated by the pool, including cake!

Pool Party


Family Time – Mom & Brother Avi
Friend and Rommie Kayla


Friend and Roomie Hailee
Fun time / Work time

After this event we had to make it back the same way we came, driving. So, we drove back halfway to MD where we got to stay before Christopher had to leave to go back to Charlotte and I got to stay for a little bit before I needed to get back.

All in all I think we had a good weekend together and with Leyna our pup, even though the drive was long. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the 3 of us at the event!! Oh man.. Oh well in my next post about Trilogy Swing I do have a picture of the 3 of us!

Thanks for following my blog and stay tuned for another post coming soon about our weekend at t\Trilogy Swing and and an update on my new teaching job!

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