Tampa Bay Classic 2017

For those of you who know us / our story, you know that I am from Florida and that Christopher and I started our journey together after hanging out with friends in FL. So, we love FL and try and go there every chance we get! While I may be biased, this event is a must hit! The hotel changed this year and is in a really great location downtown on the water! I hope to see this event grow in the new hotel because it is a great event and there’s nothing like Florida!

Our weekend was mostly work related, selling dance shoes, but we always try to have fun hanging out at our booth.

I got to compete in a Strictly Swing contest with my friend Joe and we won first place!

In a strictly swing contest you choose your partner ahead of time but the song is random and the dance is improvised.

Christopher competed in the All-Star Jack & Jill and had a lot of fun! A Jack and Jill is where you line up to draw three random partners to three songs you do not know ahead of time. This was his favorite dance in prelims!

After the event on Monday we got to hang out and go to the beach. On Tuesday we saw family and then went to Hugo & Stacy’s dance which was epic! Throwback night sounded like it would not be cool but it was so cool and so much fun!!!

Thanks for reading and watching! Hopefully we will see you soon at an event sometime soon!

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