How I learned to have a little more fun!

Recently, a window was opened up to me.. something I knew innately but always had trouble communicating.

When I first started this dance, I had trouble loving it. Coming from a solo dance background, I wasn’t used to having to listen to anyone else other than myself. “I just want to dance to the music” I thought to myself. “Why are you always moving me around?” I was afraid to do anything because I didn’t want to mess up my leader or didn’t know how to get my leader to listen to me.

Yes, I still have to follow my leader and do what he says… but you can still dance your own dance. Listen to the music and just dance to what you hear. When you can’t think of anything 😉 do a triple step… the point is, just be aware of where you are and use what you have available to you at that moment. Then well… just be you.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy.   -A


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